Aesthetic Athlete Coaching

"No Rock Unturned 1:1 Coaching"

Your goals deserve to be reached with speed.


That can only happen with Effective & Efficient Training tailored to your individual Wants & Needs.


We Garauntee Your Results So You Only Have to Worry About the Effort You Need To Give.


Everything Else Is Why Were Here For You As Your Coach.

Welcome To The Beginning Of Your Evolution

You Will Build Rock Hard Muscle while Chiseling and Sculpting your Muscle Definition.

All without a drop off in your Strength and Speed.

Infact, You’ll get Faster and Stronger.

Anyone can make half assed promises that lead to half assed results, but to deliver all 4, simultaneously and naturally, takes a true skillset not everyone has. that’s where we come in.

95% of you will find improvements in all 4 (muscle, fat loss, strength and explosiveness)...

The other 5% will throw the towel in because it’s “too hard”. And they’re right, this isn’t an easy program for the feeble minded.

But I'll tell you this…

This is still a program for someone who’s never trained before

It’s a program for someone who has trained before, but might be a little unsure of their technique or diet, exercise selection or supplementation.

A Strong Body will always be Aesthetic if your health is respected, that’s why we build your dream physique with Strength Training and Lifestyle.

No flashy bodybuilding pumps that fade, just rock hard athletic muscle that lasts forever.

To start we simply line up your posture so that the muscles we want to target are being trained at 100% effectiveness and efficiency.

No compensation Patterns or Ego Lifting here, we want Real Results Only.

With so many 'free' nutrition programs & diet info flooding the interwebs it’s never been harder to tell what actually makes a diet healthy.

Often what we see are diets made as if we were 100% of the muscle that we see in the mirror.

Truth is, we have organs and a brain we need to nurish too.

For this reason we’re not going to be recommending you eat oatmeal, chicken, rice and broccoli meal prep every day.

Send us a message on IG and we’ll be happy to show you exactly why that is.


All you Aspiring Athletes (wether Recreational and Competive) reading, your speed, the same speed you use every game, comes down to your ability to Create Traction.

However...At the same time, most of you can’t even Walk Heel-to-Toe in a straight line without losing balance.

So unless you would drive a sports car full send, without an alignment or half tightened wheels...

Why would you want to Go Top Speed on your unstable Wheels?

We’re going to push this worry out of your mind For You.

We're going to teach you Exactly How to never to worry about recklessly suffering from ankle and knee tweeks. 

Apply for the RLC 28 Day Challenge, Vigeo - Unlimited Coaching or a The 13 Week Transformation by clicking “Apply Now”

The Next 28 day challenge starts *1st of every month* and is Limited to the first 25 Men who Qualify.

What If I Told You That By This Time Next Month, You Will Have Transform Your Body And Got The Aesthetics You’ve Always Wanted?

What if I gave you the solution for making sure you keep your well-earned gains for the rest of your life too, while staying natural

Without drugs or gimmicks or any of that instagram “workout of the day” garbage…

If I told you that and meant it, would you listen to me?

Most people wouldn’t, because it seems “too good to be true”, but…

Give me just seven minutes to show you exactly how you can make it happen.


If you’re struggling to grow muscle or get lean by yourself, and already have a customized training plan, I can understand why you could be skeptical about what i'm about to share with you, so no hard feelings!

But unless you were born with one in a million spartan genetics or you're a freak of nature athlete that can literally do anything without a clue on how it happens - Transforming your body is VERY difficult to do naturally without professional training & guidance.

If you’re not concerned about keeping things natural, then move on, this is not the right place for you…

But if you're focused on achieving Optimal Results Naturally (the kind that will have people thinking you're Un-Natural), keep reading. 

I promise you, not only will people think you're cheating, you will feel like you're on some sort of drugs because of how GREAT you will look & feel.


What we’re about to provide you with is the only way to get in the best shape of your life naturally.

But before we can do that, I need you to understand something VERY important…

Making this kind of commitment, the kind that will radically change your body, that kind that has other men dumbfounded (and women intriqued), requires REAL EFFORT

However, it doesn’t require 2 hours of training every day when you follow the path we lay out in front of you…

Especially when since that plan is designed to push you PAST Your comfort zone and into the Champion Zone

This is the place you want to be in, because this is the place where everyone knows without question, you’re the real deal

Have you ever looked at someone, at their physique or athletic capability, and INSTANTLY gain respect for them?

When we bring you into this zone your whole life is going to change for the better.

You’re going to be subject to seriously tough training, meant to weed out the pretenders and losers.

Whether you’re an experienced lifter trying to break a plateau (apparently this is a thing for some of you guys that say “I already know how to train” yet are riddled with ‘weird’ pains), or you’re just a beginner looking to skip the mistakes of doing it alone by working with a coach for the first time, we can help you just as we’ve been helping countless men before you, reach new levels in as little as 4 weeks.

No matter where you start, the results are always mind blowing when the work is complete, and you reap the Dividends of your Deposits into the Bank of Gains.

Would you make the type of investments that provide compounding returns on your money? 

Of course you would.

With our help, you’ll soon be doing the same with your fitness.


The RLC 28 Day Challenge:

Daily Workouts

Strength & Conditioning

Nutrition & Supplementation

1:1 Support


The only variable we dont cover for you is the WILL to be a RLC Champion.


Are you willing to Evolve?

The RLC 28 Day - Aesthetic Athletic Challenge

This 4 week, all-out challenge is specially designed to get you the best aesthetics and athletic performance OF YOUR LIFE as fast as humanly possible.

No empty promises of short term results.

In just 28 days, we'll help you Build Muscle from Strength you didn’t know existed, while Stripping the Fat off your body for GOOD.

It definitely won't be easy, and you will 100% hear the mental chatter in the background, you know the devil on your shoulder?...Telling you to pack it in, and give up...

But, Together we put the work in. So when we do hear that little voice, telling you to stop, we ALL keep going.

We show up and give 110% effort, energy and focus, EVERY Day.

Bigger Weights. Bigger Muscles. Bigger Rewards.

I can appreciate that you’ve likely been spinning your wheels, looking for Traction the last few months or maybe even years.

You've already begun trying to make that change to look and feel the way you TRULY Want to…

I get that looking better will improve the Confidence you bring in all aspects of your life (Because it truly does).

And I get that you definitely don’t want to be the guy that can no longer keep up with the pack, while knowing full well you could have done something years ago…but chose NOT to make it happen.

We as people tend to subconsciously tell ourselves we’ve got time tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year to start working towards our fitness goals.

Blah, blah blah… With us, you have a sharp deadline because we know you don't need more time, you just need to spend your time in the right way.

The truth is, every day except today isn't promised.

This challenge is going to have you feeling like a professional athlete readying themselves for the playoffs.

In a way you are preparing for something just as Big.

You’re preparing for how you’re going to play the rest of your life.

But the question is, will you just make the playoffs, or will you win the championship?

Because the difference there is 1 simple yes or no decision.

The body you want is within your reach, but you have to make that reach and join the few among us who Will Make It Happen. 

You have to get up off your ass and reach out and grab it.

Like it's the last play of the Superbowl and if you don't catch this ball, it’s all over.

The only difference between a winner and a champion is that a champion doesn’t have a single care about their genetics, nor do they care about if they have the best equipment available.

Because they know they Will Make It Happen.

That’s why we're here, to install that Mentality in you and provide that game plan that turns give Big Efforts into Even Bigger Results.

We’re giving you every last bit of Nutrition, Training and Accountability you’ll need to be a Champion.

All you need to bring is the effort and drive to succeed past the chitter chatter in the back of your mind.

What’s Included in The 28 Day Challenge?

🏋️‍♂️ 4 Weeks of Workouts: We're not teasing you with promises of a routine we’re not sure will work for you.

We’re giving you the Exact same Programing we spent years to learn, through trial and error. These techniques will transform not only how you will look, but feel and perform as welll.

🥩 Nutrition Setup: A Simple Nutrition Plan That Works Every time. Forget all the keto this, vegan that gimmicks and nonsense.

These Timeless Nutrition Principles and Macro guidelines will set you up for huge success and will continue to work for you as you age.

Natty Supplement Guide: Forget about spending $1000s of dollars on supplements from companies that make a living off lying to you.

Supplements work, but you should know when they’re working.

We’re giving you the exact supplement list that work to optimize your performance and recovery, saving you the money and frustration from trial and error. Did we mention free shipping?

🤝 Brotherly Competition: The Truth is, as humans, we’re pack animals. As such, no matter how much our goals benefit ourselves first, we also automatically absorb benefit from everyone around us that also wins. Win or Lose, the pack around you gets stronger.

That’s why it feels good to compete together and even see your team take home the Championship Trophy.

A Champion isn’t just someone who wins every time against his opponent, but is the one that always wins against HIMSELF. So if you train alongside guys just like you, who are making it happen with no ifs, ands or buts…You’ll be 2x as likely to push on and go just one more day, every day.

🔪 Shredded & Strong Abs Course: This Bonus Course is a simplified deep dive of everything abs. It includes a step-by-step guide on how to show off the strength of your abs without that extra insulation in the way. The heat from this Knowledge bomb will force your body to willingly reshape into something a little cooler.

Sound Good?

Look the truth is you wouldn't still be reading if this wasn't something you were in interested to take on.

This challenge was not designed to be a hard descision to make, actually the opposite.

That's why we're giving you all the must-have resources that garauntee results.

If your serious about getting Stronger and Building Bigger Muscles, while Staying Shredded, get going before you let any more time pass you by.

"What if I complete the 28 Day Challenge? What Happens after that?" 

Good question.

After the next 28 days, you will truly understand that all you have to do to get the level of Aesthetics & Athletics you want, just requires you to bring the effort.

Guidance is the only external thing that stands in your way between you today, and you 28 days from being a RLC Champion.

Not Everyone Will Finish, but when You Do, it will be because of who you be-came.

What’s next on your list of wants?

If you’re like us, you’re always hungry for more wins and gains because you know not only are they worth going for, but they're certainly attainable

That's where a World Class Coach comes in. A coach is the difference maker that ensures that what you reach for is within reach, because they bring you from whereever you're at, to whereever youre trying to go.

Anyone can make you sweat and feel tired, or be so hyped up on crossfit juice and make you puke… A World Class Coach has the ability to breakdown and engineer a effective and efficient path for you.

It’s the same difference between walking from Toronto to Miami versus Flying First Class from Toronto to Miami.  

A lot has changed over the last 3 years in terms of what is considered good for your fitness & health.

Go back another 6 years or so and I’d say we're looking at even larger step in progress to understanding how the body works.

A radical shift in the knowledge gap, thanks to years of compiling previous research and new insights to how the brain communicates witht he body.

It's our job to stay up to date with all these changes so we can provide you with that First Class Comfort.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, but what if I told you that more than half the people you see with great bodies spend way too much time working out and would look & feel better if they did less working out

Efficiency and Effectiveness is the product of optimizing controllable metrics. At first it might seem counterintuitive to adopt the techniques we preach, but we guarantee the quick results will reveal exactly why they work. 

Training isn’t easy. It can be very enjoyable but… Real Effort is always required.

Great Coaches ensure that theres no unnecessary work being done or junk volume. Great Coaches charter you directly flight from where you’re at to where you want to be.

We’re here to Specially Design proper Exercise Selections and the Specific Rep Schemes to optimize your path to your desired destination

28 Days from now, we’ll be waiting for you at Base Camp. Preparing for your Second Evolution:

Season 1 of The Recreational Lifters’ Training Plan Evolution Series.

You really didn’t think we’d make you read all this way to sign up for a 28 day challenge just to ditch you 4 weeks later, did you?

We’d certainly hope not, because we have 5 seasons of training mapped out for you once you graduate Base Camp 101…

Each Season is 13 Weeks of Progressive Strength Training

We wanted to make it easier than ever for the men that were willing to suffer for their own benefit, to stay on the fast track to Strength & Phyisque Excellency.

Just 90 days in to Set a Habit

Vigeo Coaching


Be active, be effective

Be strong, vigorous

To thrive, flourish

Anyone could just buy the Training Plans and follow it for great results, but 5% of you readers, You Will Go All In and Commit to being Accountable for the the Long Term Benefits.

Its for these people, that go above and beyond do we hold space for on the The Vigeo Coaching roster.

We don't have to remind you how much you're evolution in physical capacity would benefit your people by just being stronger & more energetic.

Forget about all the great stories they'll be sharing about you, you can Actually lend a hand now...

So If you pass all three of those conditions you may apply for the Vigeo Coaching Program. 

If this doesn’t sound like who you want to be then do not apply. We’re here to help you, not disservice you.

 Just continue down the path solo, and you'll still have your RL Team to Support the Journey.

If you’re not interested and your goals are just dreams, I would just be draining the next 6+ months of time and money from your life.

Just 120 days to Set it a Lifestyle

But, the 28 Day Challenge is there to give you That Chance to prove to Yourself it’s time to make Life Changing decisions. 



Your effort is worth time and money, and that's why we make it possible to never waste either when investing into your fitness & health.

We provide you with EveryThing you Need to be Successful in The Vigeo Coaching Program.

1. Full Posture and Movement Assessment

2. Nutrition & Macros Guidance + Cookbook of a Healthy Shredded Beast

3. Personalized Supplement List to Maximize Gains + Free Shipping

4. The Sleep Protocol for Unmatched Recovery & Growth Potential.

5. Customized Training Plan for Your Unique Wants & Needs

6. Weekly Accountability check-ins

7. Unlimited 1:1 Live Support

8. Lifetime Access to The Private Group ONLY for Vigeos.

9. Recreational Lifters Team & Community Support

10. Whoop Community Training Benefits

Do you know the definition of insanity?

If you do as you’ve always done, you’ll always get exactly what you already have.

To get something new you have to do something new. 

In order for you to reach New Levels and Evolve your fitness, you need to take a different approach.

Theres just a few reasons to always need a coach, a coach is more someone who rapidly increases your own ability and skill at something you haven't yet ivested due time and energy to be proficient.

We get that, and We Want you to be able to develop the confidence and proficiency to train yourself for life.

The Vigeo Coaching Experience is a path laid down at the feet of the Recreational Lifter & Student Athlete looking to Optimize their Training for the purpose Enjoy the Greatest Gains Possible.

Not the Easiest, but most certainly the Quickest and Most Proficient.

It's a quick learnign experience the first few times you contract a muscle you didnt know was there...

The key is to become highly self aware you are of your own body in space.

Those clients that master this require the least on coaching and most likely to succeed without a pair of Coaching Eyes.

For some with a more advaned training age, can conquer the climbing techniques throughout the 28 Day Challenge.

So with out further ado Submit your application for next months group if theres still room.

“But Guys, i’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to something this serious right now…”

For sure, that would just add you with the group of everyone else that ever got life changing results and reached New Levels by taking on a dificult challenge.

The 28 Day Challenge is that taste test that determines if you're willling to develop the Grit to Win Longterm.

A lot of guys have said this same thing, only to commit without needing to feel ready, and go on to the crush the challenge, and further champion themselves from Training With Purpose forever.

Its not rocket science, but it is a cooler type of science too. At that you likely will never get the opportunity to experience rocket science, but at least with Training we get to build a body that can withstand the type living we chose to take on, for longer.

“I’m Interested but, I just don’t have any money to invest in myself”

What do you want me to say? Life ain’t cheap, you already know that...

But if you already know how important it is to invest in your health, and you compare what you will gain from the 28 day challenge to other Fitness Challenges, it’s an easy choice.

This isn’t just a 4 week, see ya never again, kind of program that delivers sub par results. We’re planning to continue to support you in the way that makes the most sense for your situation. 

Regardless of what path you take when you get there, you’ll still be a part of the team and get the opportunity to compete and thrive together.

Even if after the 28 Day Challenge we no longer follow up weekly with each other, we’ll be here anytime you reach out throughout the rest of your Evolution.

If you're looking for that spark to light the forest fire within, this is it.

4 weeks

All In

show up every day

answer that one yes or no question

Will You?

And Than We Make It Happen

Head coaches