4 Supplements that Can Accelerate Your Way to Fat Loss in 2023

4 Supplements that Can Accelerate Your Way to Fat Loss in 2023

Natural supplements are one of the most sought-after topics in health and fitness. There would be nothing more desirable than to pop a couple of pills down your throat every day and magically lose weight. The Natural health supplements Industry is a 72 billion dollar business that has only boosted this trend. That being said, some supplements are beneficial to boost your metabolism and natural fat-burning ability. Let's go over those supplements and a few bonus ones.

First of all - omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3's are the most essential and significant type of fat we need to prioritise in our diets.  I'm talking about DHA and EPA that come from cold-water fish, not plant-based omega-3's, these are not ideal, but more on that later. 

Animal based omega-3's have a great list of benefits.

  • Lower inflammation levels and improved ability to manage inflammation
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and many more diseases
  • Hinders blood clotting, thus lowering the chance for thrombosis; particularly important if there is an upcoming surgery on your calendar.
  • Improves blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism and lowers type 2 diabetes risk
  • Maybe the most interesting one is that omega-3 raises the resting metabolic rate by 14% in studies and improves the body's fat-burning ability!

That makes omega-3's one of the most effective supplements. Of course - it is a totally natural substance and you can get all of your omega-3 from fish, grass fred & finished beef and even eggs. The problem with relying on solely fish sources is that seawater and cold-water fish tend to accumulate lots of a neurotoxin called Mercury. That's why officials recommend eating fish just two times a week, and that is not nearly enough to get the omega-3 that you need. The other problem is the money - salmon, for example, costs 2-3x as much as pork. It is expensive to eat fish a lot. For those two reasons, omega-3's are a good option as a supplement. It is recommended to take at least 2-5 grams of omega-3 a day from supplements and the rest can come from food. Then you can be sure that you'll get at least the minimum amount to reach the benefits, however it is said that our ancestors ate up to 40g+ every day! Careful having too much at once as they can cause loose bowel movements. You’ll know if you’ve eaten too much if you have a sudden urge to use the toilet.

The second useful supplement is green tea. It is nature's great fat burner. Forget about all the fancy fat burners on the shelf at your supplement store, all you need is a decent green tea supplement or better yet, to drink lots of green tea daily. In a meta-analysis, the average number of weight lost in 2-3 months was around 1 kg. In those same studies, it was revealed that green tea raises the metabolic rate of about 120 kcal a day. Green tea has many other excellent benefits, it:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Improves memory and helps prevent dementia
  • Lowers the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases and prevents them
  • Helps to burn visceral fat; it is especially useful in treating fatty liver.
  • Theanine, a property in most green teas, can help improve your focus & calmness.

How much should you take or drink? Drinking around 6 cups per day has proven to have the most benefits. It is about the same as taking 2 grams of green tea extract per day as a supplement. Caution that if you are drinking this much green tea to not overdue it on the caffeine. Check to see how much caffeine your consuming from the green tea and any other sources of caffeine. Likely best to stay below 200-300mg/day.

Number three, Garlic. Maybe the most amazing of nature's overall super foods. Garlic does it all and in a very small dose. There are rarely supplements or foods with the same effect as medical drugs, but this one has. Garlic has proven to lower blood pressure 8.7 mmHg! It also improves blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels almost to the degree of medical drugs. Garlic has an impressive inflammation suppression ability and it is one the most potent antioxidants there is. This might also be why it is so effective in improving cancer treatment and preventing cancer itself. Lastly, garlic improves memory, cognitive function, nerve cell recovery, and prevents dementia diseases.

Because of all of the above, garlic is a fantastic super food to boost your metabolism and fat burn into action. And precisely that it has been proven to do in studies. So you don't need to be old or sick or diabetic; everyone can benefit from garlic. Now, how much? Around 600-1000 mg of raw garlic is the daily amount that has been proven to be efficient. If you can - eat natural garlic, but if you don't like to scare away other people, take the supplement version that doesn't cause bad odor.

Coming in at number four is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is absolutely vital for your metabolism and hormonal health. So if you haven’t had your vitamin D level measured, then do it (its free to do) and take the supplement accordingly. Some physicians will even recommend their patients to take up to 10,000iu a day during the Fall & Winter since we cant produce our own during these months.

Those are the primary and most essential supplements for boosting your naturally fat burning abilities. There are dozens of different supplements that have some effect, but none nearly as powerful as those listed above. There are a couple of supplements that you might benefit from that we should cover too.

First bonus is L-carnitine - This is the actual molecule that helps deliver fatty acids into mitochondria to be burnt. If you want to burn more fat while dropping weight, you might want to consider this one. The "acetyl-l-carnitine" version is recommended, as this is much more effective because it can reach the brain!

The next bonus supplement is creatine. This is the supplement that is widely known in the fitness and gym circles and has thus gotten a little bad reputation, maybe. But do not worry - creatine is an excellent supplementation for your muscles and brain. If we see glucose as gasoline for cell energy, then creatine is rocket fuel. It is much faster and thus is stored in the cell for more immediate muscle work like explosive contractions.

Having creatine as a supplement helps your physical performance, enhances muscle growth, and speeds up recovery. In terms of dose it depends on your diet. If you eat 1-2lbs of red meat every day you wont need as much as someone who doesn’t. Another factor is your size. Bigger guys can do with up to (sometimes a little more when super active) 10g/day.

So there it is. The best supplements to help you on your fat loss journey. Remember that the supplement term itself suggests that it is only supplementation, not the primary source. If your nutrition isn't in order, no supplementation will ever fix that. But if you are getting 100% out of your nutrition and want to turn this into 110%, supplementation comes in handy.

If you’re looking to get more help putting the right training, nutrition, and supplementation in order to reach your goals, why not connect with a coach to find out what might be missing.

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