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🗓52 Week Strength and Conditioning Program for New Lifters


🔥Lifters can expect to Shred up to 50lbs over their Year of Strong, while adding Serious Strength and up to 15lbs of Pure Lean Muscle Mass 🔥


🏔9 Progressive Training Phases

🏔30+ Specially Designed Strength, Mobility & Conditioning Workouts to Evolve any man into someone who is RECREATIONALLY FIT:

🎖Weighted Chin ups for >5 Reps

🎖Bench their Body Weight for > 5 Reps

🎖Picks up 1.5x their Body Weight off the Ground for >5 Reps


Look Better, Feel Better and Be Playing Life Better


A Must for any man that wants to have the most fun they can (recreationally speaking).

 On average a New Lifter will shred 20lbs in the first 8-12 weeks alone, while getting stronger and more muscular.  



✅28 Simple High Protein Recipes

- Low Cal Recipes to Burn Fat & High Cal Recipes to Build Muscle

✅Nutrition 101 Guide

- To Share the nutrition secrets behind getting shredded, feeling strong and building muscle.

✅RL Community

- To Support Your Training Experience and Connect (and compete) with other Lifters Like You


email with any questions about our programs or to apply for 1:1 coaching